Sustainable Wine

The Future of Wine Forum: In the winery - how circular approaches in the winery can save money and emissions

December 15, 2020

The Future of Wine Forum, 26-27 November 2020

So what should a circular economy approach in a sustainable winery look like? How do you define circular and what does it look like in practice? Some wineries are capturing Co2 from fermentation and turning it into potassium bicarbonate. This is an important innovation, but what else constitutes circular approaches in the vineyard? Florence Cathiard and Fabien Teitgen from Smith Haut Lafitte discuss.


  • Florence Cathiard, president, Smith Haut Lafitte

  • Fabien Teitgen, winemaker, Smith Haut Lafitte


  • Anna Chilton, wine and sustainable supply chains expert

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