Sustainable Wine

The Future of Wine Forum: Biodiversity in the vineyard - how to work with nature, not against it

December 15, 2020

The Future of Wine Forum, 26-27 November 2020

This session takes a look at how three different wine producers are tackling protecting and enhancing biodiversity. Our panelists discuss their approaches to encouraging and promoting biodiversity in their vineyards, how to collaborate effectively with partners to make progress happen and how to measure it, the value of certification in encouraging biodiversity (Haute Valeur Environmentale, for example), and more.


  • Belén Iacono, chief agronomist, Adrianna Vineyard, Catena Zapata
  • Matias Rios, chief winemaker, Cono Sur
  • Romain Ott, production director & head winemaker, Château Léoube


  • Toby Webb, co-founder, Sustainable Wine

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